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Offering support thorough pregnancy to transition of being a parent. Overnight care as well as daytime care, and working with individual needs.


Postpartum Doula Support

Hourly Postpartum Care


The doula's goal is to facilitate the transition to parenthood by supplying reliable and factual information, reassurance and hands-on support with children and household organization. By mothering the birthing person, the doula enables the new parent to recover from pregnancy and birth and focus their energy on bonding with the new baby. Parents are able to care for their children with the reassurance that non-judgmental support and an extra set of hands are available when they need them. Through this support, the doula is able to help parents and older children integrate the baby into the family in a loving, gentle manner. Shifts look different every time based on the needs of the parent that day. Postpartum support shifts are a minimum of 4 hours during the day or 8 overnight, and are contracted for a bundle of hours per week. 

Postpartum Mini-Support Add ON


Often it is extremely hard to predict what type and timing of support will be needed postpartum. For Bellwether Doula birth clients we offer a mini support package add on. This will be two 4 hour day shifts or one overnight shift booked in advance, in addition to the one postpartum check in your birth doula will be. The services will be scheduled with a postpartum doula after delivery, and can be used up to 60 days after birth. Continued hourly service available after mini session use. 

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