Service &  Add on Pricing
Check with your insurance company or employer to see if they cover or reimburse for doula services.
We are certified thought the state.

Steps to sign with Bellwether:
1. Send us signed contract    --------->
2. Make a deposit or begin payment plan:

Birth Doula Support


Birth Doula + 1 Add on

Saves $50

Birth Doula + 2 Add on's

Saves $100 

Birth Doula for repeat clients ONLY

$1200 (add on's available too)

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class (Add on option)


Birth Photography (Add on choice)


Lactation Support Package (Add on)


Postpartum Mini-Support (Add on choice)


Create your own payment plan!

Payments and deposits via Paypal link below.  Checks and cash are also accepted. Contact us for other payment options and plan lengths.