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Birth Doula Support

Strong community networks are vital for pregnancy and parenting. These can be developed and strengthened through group prenatal programs.


Doulas do their best work when they are a good fit for their clients. Searching for someone from your community?

Click here to find a list of community doulas

When hiring Bellwether for birth doula support you receive:


-Guaranteed 24/7 labor support within the doula partnership for 3 weeks prior and two week after your expected delivery date 

-Unlimited group prenatal meetups* with the doula partners (See info below)

-1 private session with all the doulas before we go on call for you to review your birth plan*

-1 postpartum visit with all doulas that attended your birth*

-Availability by phone, text, or email help alleviate anxieties or answer questions during pregnancy, labor or postpartum

-Guidance on using Spinning Babies principles for optimal fetal positioning

-An advocate for evidence based care, your birth rights, and your personal preferences while in the hospital system

           *During Covid-19 non-essential prenatal and postpartum meetings may happen virtually

 A doula from our group will be with you throughout your labor, the birth of your baby and at least one hour postpartum to help with initial breastfeeding. In the case of a very long birth, for our safety and your benefit, we will change shifts (usually around the 12 hours mark).The goal is always that the doula that is with you is well rested, fed, and fully available to support you in labor. This team setting helps us to live a balanced life (not missing our personal activities) and allows us to be fully present when we are with you.  We never have to call in back-up you don't know, even in cases of illness or emergency in one doula's life. It's 4 doulas for the price of 1!

Group Model Bonus!!  Unlimited Prenatal Meetups

Much like the Centering Model of Care for Pregnancy or Parenting, our Doula partners offer group prenatal meetings twice a month with all of our doula clients. Allowing for shared experiences, anxieties and questions to be addressed and discussed in a group setting creates a more normalized and mindful experience of pregnancy and the postpartum period. 


Our meetings rotate topics consisting of:

Active Birth Options

Advocacy & Birth Planning  

Early Labor Tips

Postpartum Preparation


Common Interventions

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