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About the Bellwether Doulas

Rachelle Friesen

I have been a doula since 2013 and before that a birth photographer with a BFA in Photography. I am a ToLabor trained  birth doula and advocate, GentleBirth Certified Childbirth Educator, and a Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Doula with additional workshop experience using Spinning Babies. Currently teaching Evidence Based Birth's classes as well. It's most important to me that we help you find the providers that regularly offer the kind of birth you are hoping to have in a respectful and low risk environment. It is not my birth or baby, so we will support any birth outcomes, whether it's unmedicated or planned c-section.


From my own birth experiences and many others I've attended, I've discovered that partners also need special care and support during their birth experience as well. Birth can be very emotional and physically exhausting for both partners. I help facilitate partner self-care and help partners better support their labor. Our job in no way replaces a partner, unless that is specifically needed, but enhances the family's ability to bond in labor, which facilitates labor hormones. Rachelle and Lauren founded Bellwether in 2018 to allow them to continue to be doulas while balancing a full family home life.

I am a RI Certfied Perinatal Doula.

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Lauren Miller

The transition to motherhood, for the 1st time or the 5th time, is an incredible transformation. As a birth and postpartum doula I work with the mother and her family to support that transition and to facilitate bonding with the new baby. My mission as a birth and postpartum doula is to provide non-biased, evidence-based support through pregnancy and beyond.


Prior to my doula training I received a master's degree in clinical psychology. When I worked as a therapist I sought to provide my clients with skills they could utilize outside of my office. As a doula, I seek to support my clients through birth and postpartum so that they can confidently make decisions best suited to their wishes. I honed my research skills in graduate school and I keep those skills sharp by staying up-to-date on current best-practices for birth, postpartum and infant care. My doula practice aims to nurture, educate and empower families as they transition to parenthood. In my free time I enjoy spending time at the beach with my children, running races in support of Every Mother Counts and reading lots and lots of books.


Hailey Paris

I provide home visits to support you and your individual needs. I offer postpartum care during the day, as well as overnight care for newborns. Educate the family about newborn care, as well as postpartum care for the mother.  Assisting family with daily needs. From meal preparation, shopping, light housekeeping and organizing the home. Partner and sibling adjustment, breastfeeding and bottle feeding support. Passionate about helping families through support and education.

Growing, nurturing and starting a family can be challenging.


Wherever you are on your parenting journey, the choices you make today help shape what your tomorrow looks like.  I'm here to support you on your unique path through conversations, open heartiness and collaboration. My role is to walk alongside you!

I am a RI Certfied Perinatal Doula.

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