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Many cultures have a long tradition of discussing important issues of common concern in groups, circles or meetings. Shared problems often lead to shared solutions, creating bonds and common histories between individuals and ultimately communities."

“Strong community networks are vital for childbearing women. These can be developed and strengthened through group prenatal programs.” -Women and Health Initiative | Maternal Health Task Force Harvard School of Public Health May 2014

Our prenatal meetups are a powerful part of our practice model and included in our package. We explore different topics to help our families feel confident and supported in their birth, healing, infant feeding and transition to parenting. Prenatal Meetups are reserved for our private doula clients to prepare and ask questions together. Current clients can register below for private prenatal meetups. Childbirth education, coaching and postpartum hourly services are available to all.  


See the Interviews tab if you would like to schedule an interview to learn more about doula support and meet us or feel free to contact us for a no cost consultation if the interview times below do not work for your family. 

Due to the current pandemic, these events are being held virtually for added measures to keep everyone safe. We are currently providing in person support for births and postpartum services.

  • Birth support for you/partner in person during labor with prenatals.

    1 hr

    1,200 US dollars

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