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Hypno-Doula Services

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It is wonderful to have a doula (professional birth assistant) during your Birthing Time (especially if you’re having a hospital birth) to help you with your Birth Preferences and to be a nurturing presence; one that knows so many ways to help your Birthing Time progress and remain more comfortable if needed, etc. Many “hypnobirthing” moms are choosing this wonderful option now, and here are a few helpful thoughts:


  • As a GentleBirth/Hypnobabies mom, it is extremely important that the doula you choose become completely familiar with the philosophy, techniques, cue words and other materials in your brain training program.

  • Most traditionally trained doulas (non-Hypno-Doulas) are unfamiliar with what hypnosis is, how powerful it can be when learned, practiced and used appropriately and how hypnosis can create a much easier, more comfortable or even pain-free birth experience.

  • If a doula was to attempt to use her traditional doula training techniques for pain-coping with a Hypno mother during her Birthing Time, that Hypno-mom’s prior hypnosis training could be compromised since she is in hypnosis during childbirth and therefore very suggestible.

  • Encouraging a Hypno-mom to constantly move around to maintain any sort of comfort may be familiar to some birth assistants, however it is counter-productive when a Hypno mother has been taught that emotional and physical comfort in childbirth comes from their hypno-tools and brain training.


If you are planning to use alternative brain training techniques for pain management GentleBirth is proven to be one of the most effective! As a Hypnobabies and GentleBirth Hypno-doula I am here to help make sure that training is reinforced by my assistance at your birthing time. You can purchase the Home Study Program and download the GentleBirth App for Android or IOS and learn more about my workshops here!

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