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Childbirth Education Classes

GentleBirth Workshops prepare you and your partner in both mind and body. This comprehensive childbirth education designed to provide expectant people and partners easy to learn brain training techniques including Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sports Psychology and Medical Hypnosis along with tools, information and techniques to prepare for the most positive birth for you. One Day workshops include 30 days additional training online from GentleBirth, and app access.

GentleBirth Workshop options are group workshops or private sessions. See the group calendar, or email for private session scheduling. All sessions virtual at this time!

Mini Birth Prep Classes

Mini classes are great reminder sessions for 2nd births, or for families that want supplemental classes to their hospital child birth ed class. Classes are available for the following topics and taught virtually*:

-Advanced Comfort Measures (1.5 Hours, $80)

-Birth Prep for Partners (1.5 hours, $80)

-Doing it differently the next time (1.5 hours, $80)

-Postpartum Prep (1.5 hours, $80)

-Personalized in home mini session* (2 hours, you choose topics, $200)

*Private in home sessions

Doula Mentoring Sessions

Most doulas, especially new doulas or people thinking about becoming a doula, feel pretty disconnected from others in the doula community. Rachelle offers private mentoring consultations or problem solving session. They are hourly meetings or video calls, $40/hr, and the topics are agreed upon at scheduling. Maybe you need to know about local medical providers, or which forms to use for clients, or maybe you want to practive interviewing. Whatever the topic, Rachelle is open and honest and excited to help walk beside you as you gain experience as a doula.

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